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123map alternative:

If you have experience with (or their, you might be interested in comparing with 123map.

We’ve prepared the following comparison grid to provide a quick overview of some of the most important features of the Printmaps editor and how they compare to 123map. Make sure to also explore examples of how is currently being utilized below our comparison chart. (Try the editor here.)


Printmaps: SVG, PSD, PNG SVG, JPG


Printmaps: Price depends on file format and the number of copies the map is used for.
E.g.: PNG in A5, 1000 copies = €7.14 (incl. VAT) Price depends on size.
E.g.: JPG in A5  = €57.54 (incl. VAT)


Custom Data


  • Route editor
  • Geographic shapes
  • File Upload (gpx/kml/geojson)
  • POIs (manually or copy/paste from Excel) Extensive editor including file-uploads possible for large volume customers on request

Show/hide map features?

Printmaps: yes yes

Rotate and tilt map?

Printmaps: yes no

Some of the ways our printable maps are used

The Printmaps editor produces high-resolution 300 dpi maps in PNG and PSD (Photoshop) formats, as well as scalable SVG vector maps. Map features in SVG and PSD files are organized into separate layers, allowing you to edit specific map features without affecting others.

Our customers use the Printmaps editor to effortlessly map routes – travel itineraries, hike and cycle trails, city walks or simply directions – and to overlay their points of interest on a map. The editor makes it really easy to create fold maps, maps for touristic folders and brochures or guide book maps.

Our affordable entry-level pricing enables customers with very low print circulation numbers to afford our maps. Examples include real estate exposés and photo books, printed in low numbers but needing high-quality location or route maps.

Many guidebook publishers illustrate their travel guides and hiking guidebooks entirely with Printmaps maps. Our maps satisfy a wide range of typical mapping needs, including overview maps, general location maps, activity maps with hiking or cycling routes, city maps, street maps, and direction maps.