How the Printmaps map editor works

You don’t need to be a professional cartographer or designer to create stunning and great-looking maps within minutes – be it city mapstrail mapsdirection mapstouristic maps or general overview maps. We promise: The Printmaps map editor will save you many hours in map drawing and route tracing.

Samples: Printable maps for Photoshop or Illustrator

Street level maps all round the world

All continents, all languages, all zoom levels and map scales.

Tilt the map for the ideal citymap perspective

You can tilt the map for up to 60° to add perspective. Ideal for real estate maps, hotel location maps or city walks. (Note: Tilting doesn’t work with SVG output.)

Choose administrative areas (countries, municipalities, regions) from our database

Highlight them, paint them, invert them – or use them as a layer mask in Adobe Photohop or Illustrator.

Map a spreadsheet of addresses in an instant

The Printmaps editor will geocode your addresses from Excel or any other list – in a matter of seconds by Copy & Paste. Perfect for businesses who want to print maps with multiple locations.

Create overview maps

Use our outline map styles and the geographic shape tool to create overview maps fast.

Use custom markers

Choose from hundreds of pre-styled markers or upload your own

Visualise your routes

Use the magnetic tool to quickly draw itineraries, walks, trails or drives. Or upload them as GPX, KML or GeoJSON to create a route map.

Choose from many styles

Select one of our pre-defined map styles, and adapt them in the process.

Feature List

Map design
 ok   Map scales from whole world to 1:1000 (individual houses) 
 ok   Choose from many predefined map styles 
 ok   Use printable aerial photos as map background (selected countries) 
 ok   Individually show or hide every map feature 
 ok   Scale down map detail up to 50% 
 ok   Rotate map 
 ok   Print a map from any place of the world 

 ok   Draw a route with magnet tool 
 ok   Upload GPX file 
 ok   Upload GeoJSON file 
 ok   Upload KML file 
 ok   Add POIs 
 ok   Batch Geocoding 
 ok   Add geographic shapes 

 ok   Maps up to 330mm x 330mm in size 
 ok   300 dpi 
 ok   High-res PNG 
 ok   Layered PSD 
 ok   All content (including every POI) as separate layer 
Licence optionsUnlimitedStandardMini
Max. print circulation unlimited35,0001,000

For advanced features such as API access, whitelabeling, reselling or affiliate access please get in touch: [email protected]

Screenshot tutorial

Map worldwide in all zoom-levels

We provide worldwide cartography with all zoom levels. So go as high or as deep as you want!

Layered PSD or SVG file

We generate layered PSD/SVG-files for every map. Edit features in Photoshop or Illustrator, even after creating your map in our online editor.

Say, you want to move a label around – no problem. The content below the label won’t be affected.

Various map-styles

Your map, your style. Choose between a number of map styles, from full terrain to winter and city styles.

Design it yourself

Choose your own design by checking or unchecking the items you want to be included in your map. It doesn’t get much easier than that.

Draw your routes

Want to include a route in your map? It’s as easy as using our magnetic drawing tool. More into freehand? No worries, we support that as well.

Upload your own files

Have a GPX or KML you want to be included in your map? No problem, you can upload as many as you like and have them displayed on your map.

Add a geographic shape

Want to outline regions or cities? Use our pre-configured shapes, give them borders or not or even invert them to make them more prominent. The perfect feature to help you highlight your destination for instance when you create your own travel map for your photobook.

Add your own POIs

Have a number of POIs you want to include in your map? Use our POI-wizard and include them in no time, then choose from a number of colors and icons to style them.

The editor makes it easy to mark your POIs and create a map with pins.