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Complete Creative Real Estate Flyers with quality Real Estate maps

real estate flyers
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The best examples of real estate flyers contain well-designed maps. Perhaps you are a real estate agent looking to sell, or a print designer specialised in real estate marketing. Either way, you want to create great real estate flyers to attract and inform potential buyers. Printmaps can help you achieve that. With the map editor you can easily edit maps to complete your open house, market update, just sold and new listings real estate flyers.

Find out more about the features of the Printmaps editor to see what it can do for you!

Nowadays, real estate flyers and brochures are still a powerful tool to present open houses, market reports and previous sales. They are a good opportunity to present your brand directly with quality photographs, use of brand colours and, of course, personalised real estate maps.

Real Estate flyers examples with maps

Real Estate maps

For printing maps in real estate flyers, brochures or a property description, it is important the map images are high resolution. This way you prevent printing unclear, pixeled maps. When it comes to optimizing your Real Estate flyers, using the word “luxurious” can already increase sale prices. Obviously, you don’t want to devalue your luxury real estate flyers with low quality images. With Printmaps you can download a map of any location in 300 dpi and add important point of interests of the neighbourhoods. This way the quality of the maps will be preserved when they are used in print in your real estate flyers.

Real Estate maps

The importance of maps in real estate flyers

Real estate maps are an irreplaceable part of real estate marketing. People in search of a new home are curious to find out about the surroundings of their potential new house. Examples of what they want to know are: Is there a good school nearby where their children can go, a park to walk their dog and what restaurants are in the neighbourhood? What is the closest hospital? How is the road network? Can they easily reach their work? If you want to make great real estate flyers, it is very important to map the environment.

Endless creativity while editing in Illustrator or Photoshop

If you are really aiming for outstanding, eye-catching creative real estate flyers, you don’t want to go for a simple format that your competitors picked too. Chances are high that you are already using editing tools such as Illustrator or Photoshop. With printmaps you can easily download a layered PSD or SVG file, open this in Illustrator or Photoshop and edit the map as much as you like. Not a user of these programs but you still want to go for a simple, clean map design? Then you can also finish the map in the Printmaps editor and download a PNG. Place this in a real estate neighborhood flyer and make plenty of buyers fall in love.

layered map

Although print remains a very important tool for real estate marketing, in modern marketing often several strategies are combined. Email marketing can be a very successful real estate marketing strategy to build client relationships. Did someone visit one of your open houses? Follow up with a newsletter and present other open houses in the same neighbourhood. Complete your newsletters with the high quality real estate maps to show open houses, listings and neighbourhoods.

create a route map

Use the editor to show directions

Our route editor not only lets you draw your routes free-hand, it also utilizes a wizard that magnetically snaps to existing roads, allowing you to literally create routes within seconds. Besides showing points of interest in the neighborhood or the road network to show reachability, you can also easily use the editor to show directions in real estate home flyers. This way you prevent that buyers do not know how to find you!

It is what you make of it

Creating printable maps for a publication is not only a matter of having the right geo-tools, it’s also about using your own designs or ideas. With Printmaps, you get full flexibility, whether it’s the type of cartography used or the kinds of features included in your map.

And once you’ve created and downloaded your map, it doesn’t just end there. Want to add more details to POIs? Maybe add your own logos, more graphics, some text? That’s why we create your map in a layered PSD format, allowing you to change virtually anything you added to your map, down to single POIs.  

So why not just try our editor and see how you can transform your ideas into your ideal map fit for publishing?

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