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Create a map poster with the Printmaps editor

create a map poster

With the Printmaps online map editor you can create a map poster like a walk in the park or… of a walk in the park! Quickly draw itineries, walks, trails or drives, or upload Geo-data to display existing routes on the map poster. For print designers, tourism professionals, individuals. For personal or professional use, the Printmaps editor is an excellent choice to create a high resolution map poster. Have a look at the features of the Printmaps editor and how to use them.

Direction and route map poster

Our customers use Printmaps to show directions and routes. Easily adjust the printsize in the editor and preserve the print quality. The printsize is adjustable until a maximum of 1330X1330mm. Maps larger than 220mm side length are not available as PNG. These will be received as a layered PSD (Photoshop) or SVG file (Illustrator).

City map posters

Easily create route maps with pins, to showcase hikes or bike routes, or just simply directions. Draw lines on the existing roads, biking and walking paths. Tilt the map for the ideal city map perspective.

Easily create a route map with the route editor that draws on the exact roads you travelled!

Map places of value to you

Is it because of special memories, extraordinairy experiences or simply because it’s home to you, some places have great personal value. Create a map poster of your personal happy place for your house decoration or as a gift to someone important.

The Printmaps editor imports its data from OpenStreetMap, and makes it possible to easily add and remove layers such as city or road names, apply different map styles and coloured shapes. This way you can make your map poster as inclusive or minimalistic as you want it to be!