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Easily create a map with pins with the Printmaps editor

map with pins

Marking points of interests to create a map with pins can be time-consuming and the result sometimes disappointing. Editing screenshots provides issues with preserving the quality of the image when using it on the web or in print. Meanwhile, you just want to effortlessly pin those point of interests on their exact location, show the chronological order of a route and specify the pins with suitable markers and labels.

The Printmaps editor makes it all possible.

Mark your business locations on the map with pins

The editor is very useful for businesses who want to pin multiple locations or stores on a high-resolution map to be printed or used online. The editor makes it possible to copy the postal addresses into a bulk-geocoding uploader and they will all be converted to their geographical coordinates. This way the business locations show on the map with your own, customized or one of the standard labeled markers.  

Create map with pins
create a map with pins

Mark routes on existing roads

Our customers create route maps with pins to showcase hikes or bike routes, or simply directions. Easily draw lines on the existing roads, biking and walking paths. With the option to pin the point of interests with numbers, it becomes easy to show the direction of the route.

Read more about how the editor works and its features.

Create a travel map for your photobook

Mark the exact locations you visited during that unforgettable travel. You can mark your points of interest with dots, squares or any of the standard shapes provided in the editor, or display the label without a surrounding marker, like an airplane or a ferry. Mark your favorite restaurants, hikes or beaches. With the different map styles and the option to add coloured country shapes, you can easily create your own customized travel map for your photobook.

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